003. Volume 2 No 1

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Break or Weld? Trade Union Responses to Global Value Chain Restructuring

Most trade unions evolved to negotiate with single employers  in a single country. Now, multiple sites around the world are linked to each other in complex value chains, and global employers are more likely to answer to their shareholders than to national institutions. In this new context, what is the future for traditional forms of organisation and representation? Does the defence of local jobs pit workers on different sites against each other? Or can new solidarities emerge that strengthen links along the value chain?

Break or Weld? Trade Union Responses to Global Value Chain Restructuring
By Ursula Huws
Globalisation and Trade Unions: Towards a Multi-Level Strategy?
By Ronaldo Munck
Trade Unions and Worker Movements in the North American Communication Industries
By Vincent Mosco
Multinationals’  Policies and Local Responses: Findings from Cross-National Case Studies in Germany, France and the USA
By Pamela Meil
Risking relegation or staying in the first league? industrial relations and enterprise restructuring in Germany
By Jürgen Kädtler
Brazilian Unions in the Face of Globalisation
By Leonardo Mello e Silva
New Industrial Areas, Old Workers’ Solidarity: European Automobile Multinationals in Brazil
By Marco Aurelio Santana
Technomadic Work: From Promotional Vision to WashTech’s Opposition
By Michelle Rodino-Colocino
Towards Strategies for Making Offshore Outsourcing Economically and Socially Sustainable
By Monique Ramioul
South African Trade Unions and Globalisation: Going for the ‘High Road’, Getting Stuck on the ‘Low Road’
By Marlea Clarke and Carolyn Bassett
Solidarity Across Cyberspace: Internet Campaigning, Labour Activism and the Remaking of Trade Union Internationalism
By Bruce Robinson
The Movement for the Abolition of Child Labour as an Example of a Transnational Network Movement
By Patrick Develter and An Huybrechs
Review Article: Reflections on International Labour Studies in the UK
Peter Waterman