Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation aims to:

  • Provide a single home for articles which specifically address issues relating to the changing international division of labour and the restructuring of work in a global knowledge-based economy.
  • Bring together the results of empirical research, both qualitative and quantitative, with theoretical analyses in order to inform the development of new interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the restructuring of work, organisational structures and labour in a global context.
  • Be global in scope, with a particular emphasis on attracting contributions from developing countries as well as from Europe, North America and other developed regions.
  • Encourage a dialogue between university-based researchers and their counterparts in international and national government agencies, independent research institutes, trade unions and civil society as well as other policy makers. Subject to the requirements of scholarly peer review, it is open to submissions from contributors working outside the academic sphere and encourages an accessible style of writing in order to facilitate this goal.
  • Complement, rather than compete with, existing discipline-based journals.
  • Bring to the attention of English-speaking readers relevant articles originally published in other languages.