024 Volume 14 No 2

The labour digital divide: digital dimensions of labour market segmentation

Daniel Calderón-Gómez, Belén Casas-Mas, Mariano Urraco-Solanilla and Juan Carlos Revilla

The effects of digitalisation on the labour market: the case of Russia

Liliia Matraeva, Ekaterina Vasiutina and Alexey Belyak

Uber in the Portuguese gig economy: a laboratory for platform capitalism

Emanuele Leonardi and Giorgio Pirina

Work-life balance for transnational skilled workers in Sweden

Greti-Iulia Ivana

The sticky steps of the career ladder for engineers: the case of first-generation students in Germany

Monika Huesmann, Moira Calveley, Paul Smith, Cynthia Forson and Lisa Rosenbaum