028 Volume 16 No 2

Click farm platforms : An updating of informal work in Brazil and ColombiaRafael GrohmannMaria Clara AquinoAlison Rodrigues 7
Trajectories of liberalisation on the European industrial relations systems : A comparative studyJavier Arribas CamaraLuis Cardenas21
Workforce globalisation, language and discourse : Recruitment of foreign nurses in the UKAndrei KuznetsovOlga KuznetsovaJaime Fernández de Simón de la Cruz40
Organising as a catalyst for improving work conditions among informal quarry workers in GhanaMoses SegbenyaAngela D. AkorsuFrancis Enu-Kwesi 59
Ingrained interests and path-dependency : Employees’ acceptance of new management systems in a Chinese state-owned enterpriseGuang. YangLixin Yang82
Behind, through and beyond capitalist platforms : Platformisation of work and labour in informational capitalismMariano Zukerfeld99
Teleworking in Portuguese public administration during the COVID-19 pandemic : Advantages, disadvantages, work-life balance and motivationCésar MadureiraBelén Rando119
Gender inequality in the labour market of Ukraine : Challenges for the futureMykola M. KlemparskyiHelena PavlichenkoRoman Ye. Prokopiev 140
Conceptual principles of international cooperation in labour relationsNataliia MelnychukLiudmyla Kulachok-TitovaDenys H. Sevryukov 158