001. Volume 1 No 1

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The Spark in the Engine: Creative Workers in a Global Economy

The global economy economy has an insatiable need for creative workers – to develop new products and services in a speeded-up hyper-competive environment; to provide content for the exponentially growing mass media; and to manage, educate, inform and pacify the expanding population. Yet creative workers themselves are subject to new forms of control and expropriation and many understand only too well the nature of the system they work under. What sort consciousness are they developing? Will they rebel? Is there an endless supply of geese to keep laying the golden eggs or might some decide to fly the coop and imagine how to create a better world?


The Spark in the Engine: Creative Workers in a Global Economy
by Ursula Huws

Nice Work if You Can Get it: The Mercurial Career of Creative Industries Policy
by Andrew Ross

The New Knowledge Aristocracy: The Creative Class, Mobility and Urban Growth
by Richard Shearmur

Sunset in the West: A Case Study of Outsourcing of Editorial Work from the UK to India
by Simone Dahlmann and Ursula Huws

Divided they Stand: Hollywood Unions in the Information Age
by Catherine McKercher and Vincent Mosco

‘Suits’ and ‘Creatives’: Managerial Control, the Expropriation of Fun and the Manufacture of Consent
by Bob Hughes

Creating a Sustainable Future? The working life of creative workers in Vienna
by Sybille Reidl, Helene Schiffbänker and Hubert Eichmann

Make like a Man: The Demands of Creative Work, Gender and the Management of Everyday Life
by Bettina-Johanna Krings

Who are the Fairest of Them All? Ethnic Segmentation in London’s Media Production
by Ashika Thanki and Steve Jefferys

Rethinking Progressive and ­Conservative Values: Values of Spanish employees in the New Economy
by Armando Fernández Steinko

Immaterial Fordism: The Paradox of Game Industry Labour
by Leif Schumacher