Get involved

We are currently engaged in a major consultation exercise with our contributors and readers to determine the future of the journal in the Open Access era. Please take part in this exercise by filling in our survey to help shape the future of the journal.

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation welcomes the involvement of volunteers in a variety of roles, but unfortunately does not have the resources to pay for their services (although their contributions are credited wherever possible).

This is particularly suited to PhD students and others near the beginning of their academic careers who want to learn about scholarly publishing, extend their networks, gain access to new scholarship or simply add the experience to their cvs.

Scholars who are entering retirement but still feel they have something to contribute, or are just feeling intellectually isolated, may also be interested.

Some of the tasks that volunteers can carry out include:

  • helping identify suitable peer reviewers for submitted articles;
  • writing reviews of single books or review articles covering several recently published books together (you get to keep the books!) or helping to manage the process for others to review relevant publications;
  • helping with preliminary English language editing (prior to the submission of articles to Pluto Journals for professional copy-editing) and proof-reading;
  • tracking the impact of the journal via Google Scholar and Jstor records and identifying the most cited and downloaded authors and articles for possible inclusion in our planned series of readers, covering key texts on selected themes.

If you are interested in volunteering for the journal, please email the editor at