020. Volume 12 No 2

vol 12 no 2 cover


Digital economy and the law: introduction to this Special Issue
by  Bernd Waas, Vera Pavlou and Elena Gramano

A new labour law for platform workers and umbrella companies
by Pietro Ichino

Digital work in the transport sector: in search of the employer
by Antonio Loffredo and Marco Tufo

Labour law for TOS and HITs? reflections on the potential for applying ‘labour law analogies’ to crowdworkers, focusing on employee representation
by Christina Hiessl

Traditional and new forms of organisation and representation in the platform economy
by Karolien Lenaerts, Zachary Kilhoffer and Mehtap Akgüç

Call centre workers unite! changing forms of organisation and representation in the Portuguese and British Digital Economy
by Isabel Roque

Review: Humans as a Service: The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy by Jeremias Prassl
by Elena Gramano