We are sometimes asked for a statement describing the ethical code of practice for Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation.
This has several dimensions.

In relation to the research we publish

We expect our authors to carry out their research in accordance with the principles of the RESPECT code of practice. This code is based on the recognition that researchers have to balance three principles: the avoidance of personal and social harm; upholding scientificstandards; and respect for the law (including data protection and intellectual property law). These principles sometimes come into conflict with each other and it is our view that it is the responsibility of professional researchers to balance these, and the responsibility of their employers and professional associations to support them in this.

In relation to our reviewing practices

All articles published in the journal (with the exception of reviews) are reviewed anonymously in a double-blind process (with the identities both of authors and of reviewers concealed from each other) to avoid bias our discrimination (conscious or unconscious) on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, seniority or other variables that are irrelevant to the scientific excellence of the article.

In relation to our editorial activities

We abide by the code of conduct of the National Union of Journalists.