Editorial Board

Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation is edited by Ursula Huws, Professor of Labour and Globalisation, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, UK .

The editorial board includes:

  • Elmar Altvater, Emeritus Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Chris Benner, Department of Geography, University of California at Davis, USA
  • Manuel Castells, Emeritus Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Mikyung Chin, Department of Political Science, Ajou University, Korea
  • David Coates, Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies, Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA
  • Sujata Gothoskar, International Union of Food Workers, Mumbai, India
  • Jörg Flecker, Professor of Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Barbara Harriss-White, Professor of Development Studies, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, UK
  • Christoph Hermann, Senior Researcher, FORBA (Forschungs- und Beratungsstelle Arbeitswelt), Vienna, Austria.
  • Andrew Jackson, Head of Research, Canadian Labour Congress, Canada
  • Vassil Kirov, Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Pamela Meil, Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung (ISF), Germany
  • Niels Møller, Department of Manufacturing, Engineering and Management, Technical University of Denmark
  • Vincent Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society, Queens University, Canada
  • Rajneesh Narula, Professor of International Business Regulation, University of Reading Business School, UK
  • Sabine Pfieffer, Professor of Sociology, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Markus Promberger, Head of Welfare, Labour and Social Inclusion Research, IAB (Institute for Employment Research), Federal Employment Agency, Germany
  • Norene Pupo, Director, Centre for Research on Work and Society, York University, Canada
  • Monique Ramioul, Head of Labour Sector, Higher Institute of Labour Studies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Keith Randle, Professor of Work and Organisation, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Ned Rossiter, Professor of Communication, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University,  Australia.
  • Gérard Valenduc, Research Director, Fondation Travail-Université (FTU), University of Namur, Belgium
  • Geert van Hootegem, Professor of Sociology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • Anita Weiss, Professor of Sociology, National University of Colombia