025 Volume 15 No 1

Digitalisation, labour and the pandemic

Ursula Huws and Mattia Frapporti

The platform economy and the precarisation of food delivery work in the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from India 

Sazzad Parwez and Rajiv Ranjan

Urban gig workers in Indonesia during COVID-19: The experience of online ‘ojek’ drivers

Riani Rachmawati, Safitri, Luthfianti Zakia, Ayu Lupita and Alex De Ruyter

Flexibility and freedom for whom? Precarity, freedom and flexibility in on-demand food delivery

Melissa Renau Cano, Ricard Espelt and Mayo Fuster Morell

Algorithmic work coordination and workers’ voice in the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of Foodora/Lieferando

Jasmin Schreyer

At a crossroads: Uber and the ambiguities of the COVID-19 emergency in Lisbon

Giovanni Allegretti, Sheila Holz and Nuno Rodrigues

Smart working is not so smart: Always-on lives and the dark side of platformisation

Elisabetta Risi and Riccardo Pronzato

To exploit and dispossess: The twofold logic of platform capitalism

Andrea Fagioli