Special Issues

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation welcomes proposals for special issues

If you are not sure whether your idea for a special issue is suitable for the journal, you are welcome to run it informally past the editor, who can be contacted here.

Alternatively, please send a proposal which should include a short summary of the rationale for the theme (200-500 words, referencing relevant literature and demonstrating its originality) plus a list of 4-10 bullet points indicating the topics on which you would like to invite contributions. It is also helpful to give an indication of potential contributions and/or the networks you would envisage using to circulate a call for papers.

If you already have a curated selection of articles (for example the outcomes of a conference or workshop or the outputs from an international research project) please note that all contributions to special issues must be subjected to independent double-blind peer-review and we cannot guarantee that any particular article will be published.