Since January 2020, Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation has been published Open Access by Science Open

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We are strongly committed to making our content available free of charge but unfortunately it does cost money to publish a journal. Although our editors and peer reviewers volunteer their time, we still have to pay for a range of services from software licenses to professional copy editing.

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Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation (WOLG) is more than just a journal. It has evolved into an extended global community of scholars interested in developing a dialogue about the changing nature of work and labour organisation that crosses disciplinary and national boundaries. Going open access and making all our articles free to read has more than tripled our readership and greatly increased this community. We receive positive feedback from many quarters.

Policy makers tell us that they value the way WOLG makes them aware of new developments in the world of work. PhD students and early career researchers working in new or interdisciplinary fields say our articles help them to identifying the key authors and issues and more established scholars rely on us as a way of staying in touch with rapidly changing debates.

We are also praised for helping to bridge the ‘North-South divide in academia’. You can help sustain this community by joining it and taking an active part in our activities. There are three levels of membership.

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